Our Electrical Heating Solutions

J.E.R. Group offer a wide variety of electrical heating and plumbing heating solutions. Our heating engineers are very experienced in the latest heating systems and can advise you on the best solution for your home or office working to your needs and budget.

Our electricians are highly experienced in project management and work to the highest standard insuring you project no matter what is size is done to an amazing finish.

Electric Boilers

J.E.R. are the electric boiler experts, we have INSTALLED OVER 90 BOILERS IN THE LAST 4 years! Nobody knows electric boilers like we do! Our plumbers and electricians have been to Scotland for technical boiler installation training so we can continue to offer the best service.

Electric boilers can replace your old gas, oil and heat store boilers. We pride ourselves on being able to install a boiler quickly, efficiently and leave no mess!

Our electric boilers can provide hot water, heating and are 100% efficient. Cleaner and greener than oil or gas boilers and if its better for the environment, it better for everyone.

Wet Underfloor Heating

Like the idea of warm flooring? Our systems are very cost effective to run. So if you want efficient warmth from the floor up, a wet underfloor heating system is the choice for you.

Ideal for new builds and extensions but can now be retro-fitted into an existing house. Each room can be controlled individually making it very efficient. The App enables you to control your heating from your smart phone or tablet. 

Air Source Heat Pumps

J.E.R. offers a one-stop-shop for ASHPs. Our in-house experts take care of every aspect of the installation and you get peace of mind, knowing that we are fully accredited. ASHPs don’t require large areas of land, making them ideal for businesses on industrial estates or other confined locations. Their relatively low installation cost makes them attractive to companies on tighter budgets.

Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are perfect to retro fit in flats and old house that have no plumbing heating system they can be easily fitted, and you don’t need a boiler. Also for refubs of flats it is again easier to install cables rather than plumbing pipes and you don’t need an boiler. J.E.R. electricians have been trained in the UK on the lasted radiators that we install so our customers have the best service. Our radiators are 100% efficient, can come in different colour and can be controlled by your smart phone or tablet

Electric Underfloor Heating

Like the idea of warm carpets, tiles and wood flooring then Electric Underfloor Heating System is the choice for you. Ideal for refurbs of small rooms, living space and small extensions if you don’t want radiators on the wall. Each room can be controlled individually making it very efficient and can be controlled from your smart phone or tablet. 

Smart Heating Systems

J.E.R. offer a wide variety of smart heating systems. We can retro fit a wireless system into an existing wet radiator & hot water system controlling your rads, boiler and cylinder from your phone or table. Our electric radiators, wet underfloor, electric underfloor, electric boiler all can be smart controlled from your phone or table. J.E.R. are the techy masters.  

Electric Towel Rails

Hassle-free installation, electric towel rails are easy, cheap and quick to install, with low running costs for the consumer, like many of J.E.R. Group’s electrical heating solutions.
With no reliance on the central heating system, electric towel rails need just a power supply and can be used all year round, not just when the central heating system is on. This makes them more efficient, cheaper to install and maintenance-free for the home-owner compared with wet-system towel rails.
Running costs are inexpensive because of the relatively low output – usually no more than the cost of a light bulb or two – but electric products can be combined with a range of timers, run-back controls and other programmes to keep bills down even further.
Suited to small spaces, electric towel rails with added design features combine style and practicality are a very good option for bathrooms.

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